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If we have a look at technology as intervention by design, so we interact with products and our complete intent is to make issues better for us, so we are attempting to enhance not solely the world we stay in but our own capability. So one of many descriptors in the larger levels of characteristics of technology is about extending human capability, what it means to be human. So I was listening to National Radio the other day and so they have been talking concerning the bicycle as being one of the first inventions that prolonged human capability. And so it extended the aptitude, and you may put your finger on a number of developments over the course of history that allowed us to extend our capacity as human beings, and right up till the invention of space travel.

It’s concerning the technologists and the folks at the time who affect the developments but are impacted on by the development. So when we collaborate to create something, which is the tangible end result or the system or setting, it’s what happened to create that in the background that you don’t …