Detecting Middle Ear Fluid Using Smartphones


These depressed, smartphone-addicted iGen children are now coming into the workforce and characterize the future of employers. That’s why something has obtained to be done about the smartphone distraction problem. A smartphone can sap attention even when it isn’t in use or turned off and in your pocket. Comparison of waveforms from an ear throughout different smartphones. For funnel construction testing, we made an educational video.

Pixel four & Pixel four Xl

Subjects have been instructed to look at the video and subsequently construct the funnel, unaided, using the offered paper template, scissors, and tape. After development and smartphone mounting, subjects were requested to rate the overall usability.

Moto G Stylus 128gb Smartphone (Unlocked, Mystic Indigo)

Testing was performed with a 2.5-cm closed-ended plastic tube used to calibrate existing acoustic reflectometers as a positive management . The hard-backed finish of the tube reflects sound to provide a narrow and deep acoustic dip that mimics an ear with middle ear effusion.

Figure 6 demonstrates benchmark efficiency of our smartphone-based mostly system across various design and environmental circumstances. We recognized design and environmental situations that might affect system accuracy, together with background noise, incident angle of the smartphone, alterations to the funnel, …

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