Web developers around the world, and especially India, are in an exciting phase where innovation and progress go hand in hand. One of the main reasons is the rise of hosting platforms that allow web developers to tailor their products to market trends to meet the needs of their business customers.

It is common knowledge that web developers need to follow all the tips and tricks that can help them grow their customers’ online assets with certain websites. However, this is incomplete unless the webmaster knows where to look and what trends to follow specifically. This article focuses on the web hosting trends known as leap years for web developers. Here are the trends that we need to pay attention to in 2020, specifically those who have hosted VPS in India.

  1. Update the authentication tool

One of the most important things you need to know is the authentication system that has been developing for years. Gone are the days of getting a simple password that can help hackers. Countless threats are only lurking to hack personal accounts. As a developer, you need to know the right tools that users can use to authenticate their passwords. Today, we are all familiar with the two-step authentication process that allows users to properly secure their information on a hosting platform or even on their own web hosting as VPS hosting. To protect passwords, retailers need knowledge of SSL certificates, anti-malware, etc. Encryption wall to ensure that no data is lost.

  1. Make yourself a website maker

With website builders, developers can create, design and advertise their websites with just a few clicks. Because the creator of this website has a complex WYSIWYG interface (What You See, What You Get) with sophisticated search engine tools, it is very important that hosting services such as VPS hosting integrate this case into their offerings. The coming year shows that web developers bring something special to the table instead of having enough security tools and passwords. Integration into the DIY model helps win customers and expand time to market.

  1. New CMS

Content management systems become increasingly important when webmasters try to consolidate their web content. It’s important for every web developer to have enough space for innovation and integration of gadgets, SEO tools, and improvements that are part of a content management system. The new CMS ensures that not only improvements but also new trends are considered.

  1. The emergence of virtualization

Many web hosting services are stuck in the old and traditional contours that prevent them from switching to newer types of website hosting. However, by 2020 these service providers will switch mechanisms to virtualization. Virtualization is a web hosting format where servers are virtualized and information can be stored and protected much better than shared hosting. For this reason, VPS in India has become one of the most important trends in the hosting industry because it allows users to get the best from their information and protect it. This allows web developers and companies to change their business strategies.

  1. Internet Security

Cyber ​​security and data encryption are very important for internet security. At an advanced level, web developers must be familiar with all the tools and methods to protect web hosting from malicious errors and attacks. As mentioned, most webmasters are authorized in two steps to ensure the security of the Internet and Internet users. Even though they have all types of hosting services, especially VPS in India, webmasters are not worried because a lot of security integration that burdens hosting no longer hurts.

  1. Consumer protection and confidentiality

Previously, HTTPS was considered good in terms of browser security. Today is a mandate and without it you can suffer losses in SEO traffic. Webmasters need to follow the data protection trend with effective tools so users can surf safely. The first step to ensuring this is to protect the user’s confidential information and ensure that their identity remains anonymous. The second step is to ensure that web developers adhere to strict data protection guidelines for the Internet.


We hope that as a web developer, you understand what is important and how you can adjust your web hosting consolidation strategy with your customers. If you have feedback about us, let us know in the section below. We want to understand your views or opinions about hosting VPS in India.