information technology

Students are enabled to design right and efficient laptop packages of their additional course of study. The course is designed in such a way to provide students with the fundamental data of psychology, to ensure that them to know its application in specific areas of human endeavour, such as human sources administration. The course objective is that students grasp the basic notions from the sector of psychology, as well as to acquire knowledge of fundamental patterns that govern human behaviour. Students might be succesful for utilizing the essential psychology notions, when explaining and understanding human behaviour, as well as when designing analysis and making use of it in follow. It is important to automate, simplify and integrate their capabilities to handle IT from a single console-based mostly Web.


Becoming skilled within the application of the theoretical and practical data gained within this course. Becoming in a position to apply the statistics strategies, laptop processing of statistical knowledge and thus make conclusions, based on the gained results. Students are enabled to outline and clear up computer problems on their own.

Ability to solve safety-associated problems utilizing multilayer safety architecture. Student is ready to independently think about and understand safety-related problems and apply enough safety mechanisms in fashionable computer systems and laptop networks.

The stress is laid on one’s own realization and on the total control of all cryptographic mechanisms throughout set up and maintenance. Student acquires data of enterprise finance representing fundamentals for further education. Knowledge refers to financial administration system, monetary policy and rules of financing, monetary planning, management and financial analysis of a company, monetary administration of firm’s present belongings, restructuring and rehabilitation of a company. Acquired data serves as a foundation for encountering monetary and economic points throughout college students’ additional education.

To enable college students to plan, organize, implement, lead and management business processes, by making use of theoretical knowledge in real business methods. The course allows college students to realize theoretical and practical information from the world of statistics fundamentals. The goal of the course is that, upon its completion, students become capable of apply statistics methods throughout their additional training.