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Gamification TechniquesThe application of recreation design techniques to non-recreation software. Gamification is an attempt to breed comparable ranges of engagement for business functions similar to marketing and worker productivity. Enterprise Resource PlanningLarge business platforms that embrace support for a variety of processes and activities.


Typically provides a unified process framework, knowledge model and toolset that helps information flow between processes. Seen as an answer to the frequent enterprise downside of getting a lot of disparate techniques and processes which are difficult to integrate.

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Legacy SystemsA term for any technology that has aged to the purpose that it represents an operational danger to a enterprise. There are a number of reasons that old technology represents a risk including problem to find sources for maintenance and help.

Supply Chain Management SoftwareSoftware that manages the flow of goods and companies from level of origin to end clients. In many industries, provide chain operations is a spotlight of optimization and enchancment efforts. As a end result, provide chain management software is usually extremely built-in and is sometimes seen as the spine of a company’s technology platform.

Infrastructure Asset Management

Infrastructure ManagementTools to handle gadgets corresponding to network gear and computer systems from a centralized interface. For instance, a software program repair for a security vulnerability could be applied to 1000’s of machines concurrently. Incident Management SoftwareTools that observe and prioritize incidents similar to community outages. Advanced technologies in the area supply automated root cause analysis that may point to a trigger when many incidents occur simultaneously. Governance SoftwareSoftware associated to corporate governance such as threat management, compliance, auditing, security and knowledge administration platforms.